Who Was The Better Ectronic Inventor: Nikola Tesla Or Thomas Edison

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Who Was the Better Ectronic Inventor: Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison? Who was the better inventor Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison? Nikola Tesla was the better inventor, Nikola Tesla was an amazing inventor Nikola Tesla made the Tesla coil, found a way to make power wireless, he made the first robotic, and radar using ("Sorcerer of Lightning: Nikola Tesla"). Nikola Tesla when he was older he lived in new york in a hotel working on new inventions and he slowly started to go crazy and lost his mind, his final years he was feeding on and “communicating” with the pigeons of new york. Nikola Tesla was an inventor that worked in Colorado Springs and New York and he had a European education and the work and thought logically, on the other hand Thomas Edison was a self taught inventor that, he said ”Invention is five percent inspiration and 95 percent perspiration.” he use the steps of trial and error for work out his inventions("Sorcerer of Lightning: Nikola Tesla").…show more content…
When he was making the Tesla Coil he was testing it when it was going he was watching it was shocking,sparking,electrifying, lightning, shot from the Tesla Coil to the walls and ground light of the shining electricity lighting up the barn up and lighting up the surrounding area then the power cut off it turns out that he over heated the generators in colorado springs("Sorcerer of Lightning: Nikola Tesla."). He was in colorado because there was more open land for him to test it, the Tesla coil generated very high voltages and converted it into frequencies. Niagara falls is where he made a power station what was a AC power station that had ten generators that altogether generated 15,thousand horse power at a time, this was the first modern power station and it was made by Nikola Tesla("Sorcerer of Lightning: Nikola

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