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Innocence on your Side What would you do if one of your fellow employees was found dead, and suspected to have been murdered; only an hour or so after you had just seen him? What would be going through your mind when the police show up at your door asking you to come down to the station for questioning? Well this was the current predicament of Andrea Saunters, as she sat alone in the interrogation room of the Santa Barbara police station, left to reflect upon the events of the day, feeling the pain of the loss of a friend and co-worker as well as the fear from being a suspect in the case. *Flashback, the day earlier; POV of Narrator* It was Friday the 24th of April, 2015, and the day started as any other from Andrea Saunters. She woke up in her well-sized apartment, which she shared with her best-friend Casey Fleming, at the early time of 5 o’clock, falling into her usual morning routine. After she took a shower, at got changed into her work clothes, and ate breakfast, it was almost 6 o’clock, time to leave for work. Andrea worked as a receptionist at the nearby hospital of Santa Barbara, the town in which she lived, in the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Walking in, Andrea greeted all of her co-workers, until she saw the familiar face of her best friend’s…show more content…
I do not mean to alarm you in any way Miss Saunters, as we do not yet have much information on this case. However, the only trace of DNA found on the body happened to be yours, , and you happened to be the last known person to have seen Mr. Lawson alive. Furthermore, the time of death of the victim was put at the time of approximately 10:15, between the time you left Mr. Lawson and reached your apartment. Now, none of this evidence can prove anything as of the moment, yet only stand to incriminate your

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