How Does Gordie Grow Up In The Body

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Imagine seeing one of you friends hit by a train. Now imagine once you got older you couldn’t remember it because the experience was so traumatizing. Stephen King who was born in Portland Maine, loves to write suspense, science fiction etc. These writing have made him sell more than a million books. In his book titled “The Body” four boys seek off to find the dead body of Ray Brower. Teddy Duchamp, Vern Tessio, Chris Chambers and Gordie Lachance were all best friends. Labor Day weekend in Castle Rock Maine, the year of 1982, three of the boys were up in there three house. When Vern comes in and tells them that he overheard his older brother talking about a dead body he seen on the train tracks. Ray Brower was his name and he was from Chamberlain…show more content…
Gordie who is the main character seems a little hesitant at first, eventually comes around and the boys are off. While on their way the boys talk about their lives and what it’s like to grow up in Castle Rock. When they arrive to the body all the boys are in shock, this experience has really changed the way they see things now. Gordie realize that this experience has change his perception of his friends, family and death Growing up in a small town such as Castle Rock. It was not every day that a twelve year old boy such as Gordie seen a dead body. Most twelve year olds are doing what boys do playing ball or play fighting. Although the boys live dysfunctional lives they somehow find their own happiness within each other. Especially for Gordie he uses Chris as a support system because of the lack of support he gets from his parent. Who also…show more content…
Being that his older brother Dennis had been in killed in a jeep accident that past April. Gordie felt invisible when it came to him being around his parents. They often ignored him and only talked about how much they missed Dennis. While seeing the body Gordie must have thought about Dennis and how much his death brought pain to their family. Unlike his friends who finds it pretty cool that they get to see a dead body. Gordie has some sense of emotion for Ray’s death because he knows how it is to lose someone. Gordie is sad for Ray Brower and his family more than he is in shock such as the other boys. Gordie described the things that Brower would never be able to do again such as; “never going to go out bottling with his friends in the spring.” “Going to give or get a bloody nose” and much more. He was seeing his brother though Ray, realizing the reason why his parents always talk about Dennis. Being that he was no longer there to do those same exact things Now, that Gordie has seen the dead body he understand what death truly is and sees why his parents are hurting the way they are. His perception on family changes from a selfish twelve year old boy to a boy that now understood the reason for long term grieving. Gordie sees that The Brower Family will be dealing with the same things such as the Lachance

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