The Great Gatsby Book Vs Movie

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic American novel The Great Gatsby takes place in the time era known as the Roaring Twenties. A thrilling novel about how a man with nostalgia seeks to relieve the past. Gaining wealth through any means necessary in hopes of gaining the women he so desired, the love of his life. Just like with any other wide known novel, this one was produced into a movie by Baz Luhrmann. Usually when this is done, there are changes done to the novel to fit the director’s needs. .So it’s no surprise when F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic American novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ had some changes done to it when produced into a movie by Baz Luhrmann. One of the changes done from the book to the movie was a party scene done within both the…show more content…
This gives the audience an impression of Nick as a broken man, a shell of his former self completely different from the novel. Seeing as Nick loves to write and didn’t want to talk anymore, the psychologist tell him to write instead. Although he is introduced differently there are some similarities from the novel. In the novel, it is shown that Nick has a moral sense even early on in the novel and the movie. This is specially shown when he is invited to Gatsby’s party, where he seeks out Gatsby seeing as he was the one that invited him, “As soon as I arrived I made an attempt to find my host,” (Fitzgerald 42). This is also shown in the movie when he is going around looking for the host asking the people and the butlers for him (Luhrmann). Unlike the rest of his people at the party that attend it and never seek out Gatsby instead they just go there for the fun. More evidence that provides this is when Gatsby is killed, Nick takes the responsibility of calling up people to come to the funeral so Gatsby isn’t alone in his death, “I wanted to get somebody for him,” “Ill get somebody for you, Gatsby. Don’t worry. Just trust me and I’ll get somebody for you,” (Fitzgerald 164). However, it is all a waste. No one, not even Gatsby’s associates accept the invitation except his dad. The only difference in the movie was that Gatsby’s dad wasn’t involve at all. Nick’s actions

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