The Metamorphosis Throughout The Samsa Family

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“The Metamorphosis” throughout the Samsa Family Franz Kafka, born in Prague in 1883, was regarded one of the most influential authors of the 20th century. His writings “explored the fears and frustrations of life”, normally leaning towards strangeness that symbolized the absurdity in one’s life. “Manipulation and betrayal by institutions, family and friends were amongst some of the topics he wrote about”(Davis,423). Although his short story, “The Metamorphosis”, can be considered the most controversial. As each reader has her own understanding of it, or the real meaning behind Kafka’s writing. It has many interpretations. Philosophical, autobiographical, mythical and Freudian, are just some of those interpretations. In Vladimir Nabokov’s…show more content…
The transformation did not happen gradually nor was there a cause; he simply awoke from slumber as such. Although, when he first realizes his transformation, he does not panic, wonder about its cause, nor does he try to rectify it in any way. He reflects on his life and how superficial it has become. Gregor also thinks about how short-term his relationships have been due to the constant traveling. One could say he was overly calm for such occurrence. He accepted that he had become a bug and tries to go about his life, as if nothing happened. One could see his indifference when he says, “I’d better get up, since my train goes at five”(429). Gregor initially still wants to go to work so that he can provide for his family. The only panic he shows is when he notices he will be late for work and that he would be getting into trouble with the…show more content…
When they first saw Gregor in his bug like form, they were in utter shock. Although seeing him as something unusual and disgusting, they never saw his situation as something impossible nor tried to cure him, did they simply try adapting to the situation. They never sought help, or advice from outsiders. They soon became ashamed and disgusted after the initial shock had gone away. The family feels pity on him and his situation. His sister, Grete showed some concern for him, as she initially took care of him just after his transformation, even taking his feelings into account, when it came to food he liked and moving furniture around for him. After a while, the family stopped caring less and less about his comfort and well-being. Even Grete who was his caregiver, stopped caring entirely, leaving the task of giving food to the new cleaning lady. His presence, made the family feel uncomfortable which led them to speak in whispers for most part. The family began using his room as a storage closet as there was no sympathy left for Gregor. They started seeing him more as an insect and less of a human, as they had no faith the bug was still Gregor due to his inability of communicating thoughts and feelings. The family resents him, as the effects of his transformation start taking a toll on their lives. The fact that he does not work and is unable to sustain them leaves them with the need to find work to be able to live

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