Analyzing Gwendolyn Brooks 'Poem The Mother'

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Corey Moniot Exam 1 1) The opening lines set the tone for the Poem “The Mother” by Gwendolyn Brooks. The four opening lines state the toll abortions still have on a mother, detailing the aborted fetus with no hair, and without a voice. The poem then goes into different scenarios and instances of life that you never share with the “children you got that you did not get”. The poem goes on to say that “you” will never have the “good” feeling of getting away from your child for a moment, as well as the love and desire you have to be with them again. This powerful stanza, and the poem, uses you to describe Mother’s in general, as this is the purpose of the poem, obvious from the title. This stanza also addresses a touchy subject to mothers’, abortion.…show more content…
From the cheap, under-the-table booze, the constant partying, the adultery, etc., The Great Gatsby depicts the change of era, from the typical European living, to the new, wild American way. Today, we still live in a post-WWI society. Many things from the Great Gatsby still reflect today’s society and today’s problems within society. This novel depicts the true American Dream, starting from nothing, making a name for yourself. Prior to this era, sex outside of marriage seldom occurred. In this story, it is a recurring theme. Just like in this novel, today’s society is also adultery-heavy. The society in the Great Gatsby greatly revolves around money and power, just like today’s society. However, the society in the Great Gatsby also was very much separated between old vs new money. I think our society now is less associated with old vs new money, but is still very much fixated on the power that money has and the control that it has over people. I think that The Great Gatsby does a great job in introducing the post-WWI society, a society we still generally live in today. I think this novel also does a good job showing how power affects individuals. Gatsby, displayed as a calm, collective being demonstrates the control power has over someone, even as innocent as Gatsby. His money and power made him greedy, and he lost Daisy because of it. I think that this can also be applied today; money and power still consumes even the best of people. I think the Great Gatsby demonstrates the strength money and power has in society, as well as the downfall it also has on the one who attains it. Because this novel depicts a post WWI era, and the American Dream, it is no question that this novel brilliantly depicts America in the 1920’s as well as America’s society

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