Assess The Difference Between Conservative Republicans And Liberal Democrats

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"A house divided against itself cannot stand" (Abraham Lincoln). Today our nation major division are between conservative republicans and liberal democrats. In their views regarding the military, economic and social conflicts. The conservative Republicans believe that while it is the role of government to regulate and oversee morality it is not the government’s responsibility to care for each individual. On the other hand Liberal Democrats believe the government should provide both a social safety net and provide opportunity for every individual regardless of wealth or power (Kristen Parla, "Democratic versus Republican"). While there may be several differences in opinion between individual Democrats and Republicans on certain issues, what follows is a generalization of their stand on several of these issues. A Democrat is typically known as a supporter of a broader range of social services in America than those advocated by Republicans. Republican philosophy is based on a limited influence of government and a dominant foreign policy. figure 1, Showing the were Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republican fall on the political spectrum. As one could see in figure 1 republicans generally fall on “right" end of the…show more content…
Republicans believe that the decision of an American citizen to pursue an education or not, work or be unemployed, practice good health or not are all personal choices, and that it is not the government’s role to determine such outcomes. (Kristen Parla, "Democratic versus Republican). Republicans tend to favor a limited role for government in society and believe that such reliance on the private sector in businesses and individuals. Perhaps avoiding unnecessary environmental regulations or heavy-handed anti-discrimination laws can improve economic productivity and help achieve the larger goals of freedom and

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