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1. Abstract Mosques are a very significant symbol of the religion of Islam. They are regarded as a place of worship for followers of Islam, an education centre and a place for political meetings. Mosques have also been known for their architectural beauty, dragging tourists of all ethnicity and religion to its wonderful holy sight. Ottoman mosques are considered to be the world’s most spectacular mosques. Their state of the art architectural designs draw thousands of enthusiastic tourists to Istanbul every year. This paper will shed a light on what gives ottoman mosques their fame, starting by introducing a general idea about mosques, their roles and constituent parts. Furthermore, Ottoman architecture will be discussed and examples of the…show more content…
It was not shocking that it was given the focal area in the Kellie, accentuating its centrality in the or request of the Muslim space, a focal which did not lose its significance until latest times. The Ottoman mosque grew through a complicated procedure of transformation presented through the life duration of the Ottoman govern. Below are the general development methods behind the morphological and architectural advances in the Ottoman architecture, constructed mainly on the building of the mosque. The apogee of Ottoman architecture was accomplished in the immense sequence of külliyes and mosques that still dictate the Istanbul skyline: the Fatih külliye (1463–70), the Bayezid Mosque (after 1491), the Selim Mosque (1522), the Sehzade külliye (1548), and the Süleyman külliye (after 1550). Sinan, the greatest Ottoman architect, constructed the Sehzade and Süleyman külliyes. These buildings display total intelligibility and rationality in both organization and height; every part has been considered in about the whole, and each architectural component has procured a hierarchic purpose in the entire arrangement. Whatever is needless has been removed. This simplicity of configuration in the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries has regularly been recognized to the fact that Sinan and several Ottoman architects were first qualified as military engineers. [5] 7. Ottoman decorative elements for

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