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The United States went from the thirteen colonies, to getting an independence from Great Britain, in addition, the US is finally expanding to the west and new things were to come, this period of time is known as the Gilded Age. This new era is full of new things for the United States, during this time new ways of entertainment came to the Americans, also the industrialization of the country grew too drastically, and, last but not least, new inventions came to the United States. But how does the entertainment, industrialization, and inventions from the gilded age relate or help the people of america today? During the Gilded Age new ways of entertainment came to the United States, ways of entertainment such as, sports, circuses, dances, and…show more content…
Industrialization would change how the eyes of the world towards the United States, many Americans know the gilded age as the period of economic growth in the United States thanks to the industrial expansion. One of the reasons economy grew so dramatically during this period of time was because of the industrialization across the nation, the nation was expanding industrialization into new areas, it expanded, railroads, coal mines and factories. One of the major characters of industrialization was Andrew Carnegie. This man would change the old America, to a new modern America. Andrew Carnegie brought steel to the United States, steel brought a lot of good things to help create the modern America, for example, the skyscrapers. The skyscrapers were one of the most important things in the gilded age, It helped cities look better and more modern. Steel was also extremely important to make railroads, carnegie's invention gave a really big impact to the society and the industry “The production of western Pennsylvania coke fed Carnegie’s expansion of rail and structural steel, a vital step leading to the vertical integration of the U.S. steel industry.” (Greg, 304). Thanks to industrialization back then, now a days people from big cities can live in comfort and luxury conditions while living in a

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