Examples Of Consumerism In Fight Club

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Consumerism: the Unsatisfying Lifestyle Enough is never enough; simply because an individual is able to obtain all the physical things they desire, it does not mean that it will fulfill any spiritual or emotional desire that they might also have. Fight Club, by David Fincher, raises a mirror to our society. It is above all a message film, a film that aims to portray a problem that can hardly be seen. The film’s narrator is an ordinary person with a dead end job for a car manufacturer. He lives in a small condo void of personality, filled with modern furniture and appearing empty of feeling. He is overwhelmed by the demands of his culture to buy more, and to consume more. Today in our society we can easily be identified with this character. We have come to see this type of lifestyle as normal in today’s society. The narrator from the Fight Club was under the pressure of the consumerism culture and the societal pressure to be successful. Living an unsatisfied life sent him searching for a new purpose and caused him to rebel against modern society’s culture. That is what consumerism conceives: dissatisfaction. Also, the film accurately exhibits the facts of consumerism by having the narrator’s…show more content…
It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) by Frank Capra tells the story of the likable and selfless man George Bailey who suffers a terrible ruin and eventually attempts to end his life, only to be saved in the final act through intervention by an angel. The film’s director, Frank Capra, manufactured this piece of art that emphasizes the true meaning of life. He warns us on how easily distracted we can become from that truth if we give in to “indulging the pleasure of the moment”. Films like this one can hardly be seen in the theaters now. They are not being produced anymore. Today’s media emphasizes other subjects that relate to money; they fail to influence the true meaningful values of

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