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Today, I'd like to introduce you to my hometown. My hometown is a very old city. Datong, the second largest city in Shanxi Province, is located in the center of datong basin in northern Shanxi Province. My hometown is known as the cloud and Pingcheng, which was once the capital of the northern Wei dynasty. There are many tourist attractions in my hometown, such as Yungang Grottoes, Hanging Temple, Hengshan, Jiulongbi, Huayan Temple, Shanyu Temple, etc. Datong is one of China's largest coal energy bases, the national heavy chemical energy base, the Shenfu, Zhungeer emerging energy zone and Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan industrial zone at the midpoint. Known as the "phoenix" and "China coal" say. Datong,a city with unique natural geographical conditions,has achieved remarkable results in urban greening and garden coverage after many years of investment and construction. In January 14, 2014,…show more content…
Originally known as the law flower temple, it was built in the Tang Dynasty and was renovated in three years. The South Temple covers an area of about 5600 square meters. The main building there is the mountain gate, king hall hall, hall, two floor, three Guanyin temple and temple in Tibet, West Wing and flower temple. Around the entire building symmetry, high and low strewn, primary and secondary distinct, magnificent spectacle. Ciyun Temple is a complete layout, large-scale, magnificent, well preserved ancient buildings. The building structure is rigorous, Dougong delicate and magnificent, bright and colorful glass ornaments, represents a higher level in the Ming Dynasty architecture, especially in the front yard, round the clock drum two upstairs two layers are the home shop for five double copy Dougong, large timber, simple manipulation, has obvious characteristics of the Yuan Dynasty building, round the spire architectural features and style, in the existing two dynasties Bell Tower and Drum Tower is extremely

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