The Pros And Cons Of Federalists And Anti Federalist Parties

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In the late 1780’s the Federalist and Anti Federalist Parties were the two big political parties. The Federalist Party wanted to pass the Constitution, which led the Federalist Party to write a series of essays that were meant to convince people to become a Federalist. In 1787, James Madison proposed many counterpoints to the Anti Federalists strong opinions against the Constitution in his paper known as Federalist #10. The Anti Federalists believed that the government should be small, and were concerned that the new constitution would have created a country that would have been too large and cover too much territory and were afraid that there would be too many types of people with too many different types of interests to be able to make a large government work. They believed that democracy was not…show more content…
A faction is a group of citizens that are brought together by a common passion or belief about the concerns of the community; one of the major defying characteristics of factions is the unequal distribution of property. The division of property causes the largest faction to be the people without property, which would be the poor. In turn the minority did not have their opinions expressed as much. The majority faction because of their overbearing interests and superior force would have most likely decided most of the rules, which means that they would have rise up. Madison believed that the majorities were actually bad things because majorities are often unjust, he also said that the majority was somewhat dangerous and not to be trusted. Madison was trying to avoid past mistakes, such as the issue of when Ancient Greece fell, and when Rome was susceptible to corruption when Caesar became an Emperor. Their initial belief was that democracy was considered to be too democratic. He brings that up when he says, “Democracies have been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their

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