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Name: Delenn Bauer Date:10/20/14 Chaco Canyon: The Home of the Anasazi Chaco Canyon, located in Northwestern New Mexico, is the location where the Anasazi culture thrived. The meaning of Anasazi originates from an ancient Navajo phrase referring to the people who occupied the “Four Corners” region of the United States where Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico meet. The Anasazi are some of the ancestors of the current Native American Indians of the same area. The Anasazi lived in the Chaco Canyon area during the second Pueblo Phase. This phase is separated into three sub-phases: Early Bonito (850 to 1040 AD), Classic Bonito (1040 to 1100 AD), and Late Bonito (1100 to 1140 AD). The Anasazi culture reached its height during the Classic…show more content…
This means that the Anasazi women dominated the society, and were dominant over the men. Even though women were more dominant in Anasazi society, the village chief, or the Kikmongwi, was normally a man. All of the religious leaders and religious authority were also men. In Anasazi culture at Chaco Canyon, all the children belonged to the women clan. Unlike most other cultures, the women owned all of the land. Women could also divorce their husbands at any time if they wished to do so. Overall, the Anasazi people believed in equality, that everyone should be treated the…show more content…
There were many factors which made Chaco Canyon an easy site to excavate. One of the factors was that Chaco Canyon is in a very arid climate. This means that Chaco Canyon is very dry and does not get much rain or water. An arid climate made it easier to excavate Chaco Canyon because such a climate preserves artifacts a lot better than other climates. The second reason Chaco Canyon was easy to excavate is that there is high visibility in the area. Since there are not that many plants or trees near Chaco Canyon, it makes it easier to see everything that is in the area. Also, since Chaco Canyon is in a remote area, very few cultures settled there after the Anasazi evacuated Chaco Canyon. This means that archeological evidence found in Chaco Canyon most likely belonged to the Anasazi. Another reason that made Chaco Canyon easy to excavate was tree-ring dating. For all these reasons Chaco Canyon is one of the best dated prehistoric sites

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