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What all starts the invasion of the Americas by the Europeans was the desired improvement of trade routes between Asia and the European nations. Essentially European nations wanted to find quicker ways to get to the resources of Asia and at cheaper cost, because going by land was dangerous and also took longer, while the water route that would go around the African continent would be too long. The land route had many more disadvantages such as the threat of getting killed or robbed by the Ottoman Empire or others wanting their goods or items that they used to barter with, or even the items that they had traded for. The items or goods that they would have been interested in were things such as jewelry, silk, spices, and other precious metals like gold and…show more content…
The Europeans were shocked by many aspects of the native American society such as: the gender roles that the women played in the Native American society; their religion, which seemed to worship many gods representing plants and animals; and finally the land use which was shared between all members of tribes, as opposed to the top three percent owning the land, which was the case in most of all European nations. All of these things that the natives did that seemed barbaric to the Spaniards only fueled the fire of another voyage more. One of their motives for going back was to bring “freedom” to the “savages” by converting them into Christians and enslaving their…show more content…
Natives went from not killing in war and taking captives to the concept of total war, which involved killing everyone that they could when they attacked towns and settlements. Many of them also were converted to Christianity because they see all these people coming to them and everyone starts to die from disease. So the natives figure it must be their god doing this to us so we should follow their

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