Importance Of Pipe Inspection Robot

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CHAPTER 1 PIPE INSPECTION ROBOT 1.1 INTRODUCTION:- The robotics is one of most faster growing field of engineering today. Robots are design to remove the human factor from dangerous place or work. It is also use for increase the productivity in production industries. The inspection of the pipes may be relevant for improving security and efficiency in industrial plants the specific operation of pipe inspection robot is for inspection of pipe internally, cleaning, and maintenance. The pipe lines are the major tools for the transportation of drinking water, fuel, oil, gas, etc. The lot of troubles caused by piping network aging, corrosion, crack, and mechanical damages are possible. Fig(1.a) pipe inspection robot 1.2 MECHANISM There are mainly two types of mechanisms to develop pipe inspection robot  Link mechanism  Spring mechanism Link mechanism The mechanism involved here is a four bar mechanism…show more content…
It uses X-rays as its source, instead of visible light, to inspect features, which are typically hidden from view. Fig(1.e) x-ray inspection 3. VISUAL INSPECTION:- Visual inspection is a common method of quality control, data acquisition, and data analysis. Visual Inspection, used in maintenance of facilities, mean inspection of equipment and structures using either .Inspections requiring Ultrasonic, X-Ray equipment, Infra-red, etc. are not typically regarded as Visual Inspection as these Inspection methodologies require specialized equipment, training and certification. Fig(1.f) visual

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