Essay On Being Black In America

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When we cannot conveniently racially categorize someone who is “mixed” or of an ethic group we are not familiar with, it becomes a source of discomfort and a momentarily crisis of racial meaning. In addition, without a racial identity we began to believe that the individual is in danger of having no identity. (Racial Formations pg.87) Growing up as a black individual in America is complicated and confusing. Of course for me deciding whether I am black is not so complicated and confusing because I am a darker complexion and I have “black” features. Conveniently to the world I am identified as “black” so therefore I identify myself as “black”. However, individuals that are of a lighter complexion or have features that make them look multiracial, typically have a more difficult time deciding whether they are “black” or simply something else. In America if one has some form of African descent in their blood or is not “pure white”, then they are considered “black”. But is it really up to America, the state or society to make that decision? After attending the presentation, One-Drop: Fact, Fiction, or Fate by Dr. Yaba Blay, it became clear to me that it is up to the individual to determine if they are black or…show more content…
Not to mention that rule is still prevalent in America today. When society see’s someone that has features of a black person, even if one is not sure if they are fully black, they automatically identify them as black. In my opinion, having a rule that forces an individual to define who they are is almost like an invasion of their privacy. So what exactly does it mean to be black? To me, the meaning of being black is an individual opinion. I believe it depends on what one believes what black is because “being black” is seen as a negative trait one can have. If someone can accept being black and love the meaning behind it, it shouldn’t matter what others identify them
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