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Dance, music, and other forms of art have been part of many cultures since the Ice Age. The Igbo tribe, one from southeastern Nigeria, has a vast history with arts. Igbo arts include masks, music, dancing, and sculpting (nairaland.com). Igbo arts are associated with social and spiritual elements, and have evolved over time along with the tribe. Igbo Background After the Hausa and Fulani people, the Igbo are the largest group in southern Nigeria. Their total population is approximately 32 million people. While they are culturally diverse in between subgroups, they all communicate in English, Igbo, and Igboid languages. How and when the Igbo tribe came to be is still a mystery; however, there have been artworks traced back to the Igbo from the 9th century (umuigboalliance.org). Masks Masks are a common art that have taken part of many cultures around the world, all throughout history. One of the most…show more content…
For example, there’s Agbogho Mmwo, also known as the Maiden Spirit Helmet Mask. These are masks men wear at festivals in honor of important deities. Another important mask is the Okoroshi Oma or Okoroshi Ojo. Oma meaning female, and Ojo meaning male. The Okoroshi Oma masks are painted in light colors and have joyous facial expressions. On the other hand, Okoroshi Ojo masks tend to be painted with darker colors and represent evil forces. Those are only two of the many masks and the stories behind them. What Masks Represent Different ceremonies call for different masks. There many types of masks made by the Igbo and they all have a meaning, or purpose. Some examples are the Agbogho Mmwo and the Okroshi masks. The Agbogho Mmwo mask mentioned earlier is used at festivals to embody beauty and peace. The Okoroshi Oma is made to represent joy, while the Okoroshi Ojo mask is made to express darkness. Masks have meanings that vary throughout the culture, but most are focused on religious

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