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Written by Lois Lowry, Number the Stars is a story about the childhood of Annemarie Johansen. Annemarie, a ten-year-old girl, living in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1943. This is the era of the Nazi invasion. She must endure adult issues that a child should not have to. Annemarie’s life has many different aspects to her character; the effects of lies and truth, her relationship with the adults in her life, and her journey to womanhood. Annemarie’s adventures and hardships reveal the type of character she is. Annemarie has not always been told the truth in her life; although, eventually the truth is told if needed. For example, her parents express that Lise was hit by a car. This is not completely a lie, but it is not the whole truth either. Annemarie’s parents want to protect her feelings from the ways of their world. Mrs. Johansen talks about Lise’s death, “From the military car, they saw her running, and simply ran her down” (131). Annemarie’s parents did not want her to know, “She was part of the Resistance, too,” (130). The idea that a person would do that on…show more content…
She honors and respects the ways of her family. At times, she doesn’t exactly understand the reason for what they do. However, she knows they have a good reason for their actions. Annemarie is at her Uncle Henrik’s house when a coffin arrives with her Great-aunt Birte. She knows Great-aunt Birte does not exist. Uncle Henrik says, “I think you are like your mama, and like your papa, and like me. Frightened, but determined, and if the time came to be brave, I am quite sure you would be very, very, brave” (76). Annemarie does not quite understand what he means by being brave. Her Uncle states, “But,” he added, “it is easier to be brave if you do not know everything” (76). Annemarie begins to understand why her family has secrets at times. She trusts and believes in her family; she knows her family with not lead her into harm's

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