Ethics Case Study: Tarvydas Integrative Model

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Case 7 Case 7 describes a twenty five year old female named Elaine who recently moved to another state for a mental health counseling job. Elaine was excited for the move and was energized about working with new clients. As time went on Elaine started to feel exhausted and worn out from work. Elaine has stopped taking care of her needs and has become isolative. Although Elaine is drained when she comes home from work, she possesses poor sleeping habits. Elaine does not ask co-workers or other professionals for support and she has become distant with friends and family ((Herlihy & Corey, 2015). Tarvydas Integrative Model Tarvydas Integrative Model is a combination of principle ethics and virtue ethics. Inside this model contains a linear…show more content…
By using this model Elaine can gain the support of her fellow professionals for her caseload and her personal use. Step one in this model is finding facts about the dilemma and how it differs from personal worldviews. Elaine needs to regain focus on herself and observe her new behaviors from her old behaviors. Elaine’s poor self-care can influence her practice and cause harm to her clients. Step two involves resolving the ethical dilemma. In Elaine’s case she needs to find ways to enjoy her life again in order for her not to feel burned out. Elaine needs to find healthy ways to get back to her old self. The third step is creating an action plan. It is Elaine’s responsibility to find a routine that works best for her. It would benefit Elaine to find a gym near her house. Going to the gym may open up doors for new relationships. Elaine needs to find someone to talk to about bringing home clients problems and traumas. This will allow Elaine to vent out her feelings and return home with a clear mind. The final step is evaluating the action plan. Elaine needs to decide if this action plan is beneficial and will be operated effectively. Elaine needs to find the proper means to complete the action plan (Herlihy & Corey, 2015). I believe Elaine would benefit from Tarvydas Integrative Model and will be able to return to her usually

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