Imperialism In Lord Of The Flies Chapter Summaries

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From the novel, the writer found that the Dutch colonizers civilizes the inferior people. The writer takes some examples from page 83 when Herman Mellema orders Sanikem (Nyai Ontosoroh) to brush her teeth, to scrub herself with scented soap. He also teaches Sanikem to dry her hair with towel and gives scented oil on Sanikem’s hair: “ With signs he ordered me to brush my teeth. He walked me outside to the back of the house, to the bathroom. That was the first time I saw a toothbrush and how to use it. He waited until I finished, and my gums hurt all over.” (Toer: 1996:83) “He rubbed my hair with a thick cloth until it was dry. I later found out the cloth was called a towel. Then he put oil on my hair—its scent was so fragrant. I didn’t know what kind of oil it was.” (Toer: 1996:83) As the colonized people, the native Indonesian people was considered to be…show more content…
Minke was afraid if he will be thrown away when Annelies know if Minke is not an Indo (Chapter 1 page 26). “I’m not an Indo,” I added in a defensive tone. “Oh!” she exclaimed once again. “No?” It felt as if a drum were pounding in my heart. So she knew: I was a Native. I could be thrown out at any moment. I could feel” (Toer:1996:26) The writer also analyse “This Eart of Mankind” novel by using mimicry (orientalism) theory. As a Javanese young man from noble family, Minke’s gets rights to get educated in a Dutch school. One day, Minke’s school friend named Rob mocks him that one day Minke will become a regent (bupati). “No. One day, Minke, you’ll become a bupati. Perhaps you’ll get a regency where the land is arid... “Who said I shall become a bupati?” “Me. And I shall continue .... “You’re dreaming. I will never become a bupati.” “It seems you still look upon me as an uncivilized Javanese.” “What Javanese, even a bupati, is not but a crocodile on land?” “I’m not going to be a bupati.” He laughed at me

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