Stonehenge Vs Pantheon Research Paper

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Through the many forms of art in our history, I will focus on the architecture of Stonehenge and the Pantheon. Both buildings exert multiple similarities towards each other such as their circular structure, yet due to being built in different eras they served different purposes and underwent their rightful technological differences. I will observe these two art forms in countless ways through the means of compare and contrast to build a greater understanding of their historical ties. Using their similarities and differences in the layout, history, function, purpose and design I will lead my discussion. The Stonehenge (in England), carries with it thousands of legends and stories, yet through “modern scientific methods of “dating”” we…show more content…
The front entrance has a set of granite columns reaching high reminding you of the Greek architecture. The building is made of concrete faced with brick with a set of bronze doors that have survived from the original version. Originally the exterior was “covered with glittering gold in the form of gilded bronze tiles” (Christiane L. Joost-Gaugier, 1998, 25). The interior of the dome is lined with marble, and the most striking feature is the 27-foot oculus (which to the Romans symbolized the eye of the gods). The oculus is the only source of direct light, and thus the building has a cold and dark appearance most of the year. There are 14 blind windows between the cylinder and the dome; these were likely meant for statues yet since the statues didn’t survive we’ll never know. At the time this was built, it represented the height of architecture/art, involving more than one type of style. The Pantheon and Stonehenge maintain a similarity in shape with their circular forms. With the post and lintel system that Stonehenge represents and the complex architecture the Pantheon exerts, you can truly observe the evolution of…show more content…
This is shown when Stonehenge is approached from the Avenue to the ancient processional both east; you can observe how special the midwinter sunset was to the prehistoric people. The outer stones in this region are pick dressed, where the surface crust has been removed leaving a bright grey-white. They are also larger and have a uniform shape that has survived the centuries. Through research we have discovered that the stones have had different amount of labor put into them. These result shows that the solstice alignment is completely

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