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In the story Exotic No More, by Jeremy MacClancy, The ethnographer shows significant interests in exploring the different anthropological issues that have an affect on the existence in the society. The society shows us whether it is able to change its views on life after the introduction given on anthropological theme. Here, the theme is based on the understanding and appreciations on how the topic is discussed relating to the ethnography. The ethnography is objected in finding the inner cities terms of various anthropological issues that was affecting the city like for example, one example is drug use. Another example is the industrialization in the economies variation in the use of labor. There are many different concepts…show more content…
The ethnographer has to be able to understand the many different ways people can live in a society, and has to understand that the U.S is able to fight the war against apartheid systems. If the ethnographer can understand the violence that was created in the streets, then the logical understandings of the society can be dealt with (MacClancy 03). The ethnographer is highly more active in studying and evaluating through the different themes of anthropology within the society. This also portrays the different approaches towards poverty and the personal use of thoughts that can explain how substance use of drugs, affected the area. The ethnographer begins to reveal interactions that are discriminative to those who are out casted from society who have come to attain information. The people in the society, tend to behave differently which then hence the social anthropological process to not always be a success (MacClancy 04-06). The collection of data that is not replied upon can give conclusions, which established anthropological hypotheses. The author, Failed to provide us the readers a perfect outline of the different material that seek future correlation. The correlation, ranges from

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