Essay On Feudal Government

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The Malay states of the peninsular are like all the other states in the Malay Archipelago that were feudal states. They were all ruled by the Rajas of the different states with the Rajas themselves being accorded total loyalty by their subjects, people who have considered politics as something that only the rulers should be involved in. They feel that ordinary people should stay off politics. The rulers were free to decide what to do with the nation and if they felt that they must submit to another country, that's their choice to make. No question was asked by the people as the Malays do not revolt against their rulers because of the belief that they must always be loyal to their rulers: "Melayu takkan menderhaka kepada Raja". So whatever the rulers…show more content…
Sometimes if the government is very strong then the tendency is to take action against the executive. The executives also have their own little quarrels among themselves so that the government body (or the part of the legislative body which forms the government) can actually make use of these rivalries to get the wrong things done. Then, there is the judiciary which makes judgments on whether the actions taken by individuals or even by the government, is in accordance with the law. Those who break the law can be arrested and brought to court to be judged as to whether the person is guilty or not. There are times when people can take action against the government including the legislator, the governing body and the executive, if they feel that these people have not abided by the law. So in such cases, it is for the judiciary to decide. The judiciary is a special body in our society which may not be criticized. In other countries they do criticize the judiciary, even the judgments made by the court. If you keep on questioning the judgments there'll be no end to it. As I have said just now, the task of the judiciary is actually to pass judgment on the laws that have been passed in
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