Life Span Developmental Psychology

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One of the majors I have found interesting is psychology. This seems interesting because I am interested in people and how they feel and their behavior. I think it would be very unique to study this about people on a more scientific level. I enjoy learning about people and their reasoning for things they do so I believe this major would hone in on that aspect of interest. This major is in the college of liberal arts and sciences. Also in the college of liberal arts and sciences is criminology and I think it would be a good minor to pair with psychology. I am also interested in this, but not enough to major in it, although I do think it would be nice to have a minor in. They are two different areas of study, but both can relate in some ways. There are quite a few requirements for psychology as a major. Students are required to take 39 or 41 credit hours in…show more content…
I am very intrigued by life span and think it would be a very interesting course. As stated in the Butler Bulletin, this course studies the, “behavioral, cognitive, and developmental principles and theories of human psychological development” (146). I would be most excited about taking this class if I had to choose from all of the required courses. I like knowing about why people live so long and why some people do not. I also find it interesting the life span differences in gender. Life span is something I have always wanted to know more about. There are also a lot more requirements for criminology as a minor and I would be interested in some of these courses. Law has caught my attention as I am always interested in why people get pulled over, and what the reasoning is for certain crimes. Studying criminology seems difficult, but like something I could handle. The course relating to gender and society seems the most interesting to me and I would enjoy it the

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