My Grandfather: A Hardworking Way Of Life

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For as long as I can remember my grandparents have always been very frugal people. My grandfather is the hardest working man I know, who still works at the old age of 74. Though despite my grandparents age, they have made sure to care for each and everything they own. For example, my grandfather still maintains, what is in my opinion, the best yard on the block and my grandmother makes sure there is always a warm meal on the table, a clean house, and a freshly pressed uniform for my grandfather every day before he leaves for work. However, before my first trip to Mexico with them, it never crossed my mind as to why they both share this great work ethics and a hardworking way of life. Both of my grandparents are from the underdeveloped city…show more content…
I quickly dressed myself with the likely matching blue attire and laced my bright red Nike shoes that I was misled into thinking made me run faster. Grabbing my bag I walked with my mother to our faithful Grand Caravan in which we shared many memories in. The two of us drove down the street until we saw that red brick house with two people outside loading up a truck with suitcases. After quick goodbye kiss I grabbed my suitcase and hopped out of the van. I walked over to my grandparents where I greeted them and later threw my bags in trunk with the others just to ensure in my mind that I would not be left behind.. After quick couple minutes of talking we all buckled up and headed for the road. “Are we there yet?’’ I said only 30 minutes after we left as boredom had just taken its toll. I was soon devastated after my grandfather mentioned we still had 7 hours left. However, I dealt with it by coloring in countless pictures of superheroes until I turned car sick. I then switched to playing with my collection of action figures making up hundreds of different stories and situations to keep myself occupied. When we stopped at gas stations, I felt as if they were the oasis is our desert of roads being that I was always allowed to go inside with my grandfather and buy a soda or candy…show more content…
The seriousness quickly fades away as the thought of family hours in the evening as overcomes us with extreme excitement. Afterwards, driving down the road I felt as if I was a whole nother world. Looking out the window I noticed that there was many short, portly people , all happy each with a smile on their face. It seemed as though everyone was walking like hundreds of ants scurrying around their mound. The city was also very different, Acuna was the most colorful city that I have ever seen, with buildings of every color complementing everything from the clothes people wore to the flowers that hang in the window seals of the many shops. The city was very thick in culture as it was expressed in many sculptures, paintings, and artwork decorating the streets, unlike the melting pot we live in with such a diversity of

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