Officer Speedy Case Study

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Summary of Facts Officer Speedy was patrolling in her cruiser last night and noticed a black sports car that was speeding and driving recklessly. The black sports car almost hit the officer. Officer Speedy then took the time to pursue the black sports car through downtown Saint Leo. Their speeds were in excess of 100 miles per hour around midnight when many people were out enjoying the night life. These people included pedestrians and those going to their vehicles to either head home or to other businesses in the area. Officer Speedy lost control of her vehicle and ended up hitting and killed a pedestrian on the sidewalk in pursuit of the vehicle. The driver of the black vehicle, who could have possibly gotten away, turned around and looked which caused him to drive into a telephone pole which killed him. This situation ended with two lives lost because of recklessness. It is to determine who is actually at fault for those lives. There is not a hot pursuit policy in place for the department at this time. It is not known if the driver of the black sports vehicle was impaired from either drugs or alcohol at this time. For the purpose of this documentation, the reader will assume that the driver of the black sports vehicle was not impaired due to the fact that…show more content…
If there was a policy in place that would have indicated whether or not Officer Speedy was to follow proper procedure, there could have possibly been a different outcome other than the one that is currently as fault. The relatives of the black sports car driver also have the same feeling. Their relative was killed when they turned around to see what happened to the officer that was in pursuit of them. This can be argued on the side of the officer because if they were not speeding in the first place, there would not have been an

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