No Country For Old Men Essay

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Moss dead, Sheriff Bell handing in his badge, and Chigurh out on the prowl once again; No Country for Old Men is a movie that is notorious for its ending. In the film we are presented with one story about three men whose fates are intertwined. Llewelyn Moss, arguably the hero of the story happens upon a drug deal gone wrong and obtains a suitcase full of money. This leads to the hiring of Anton Chigurh to collect the money at any cost, which in turn causes Sheriff Ed Tom Bell to chase after the pair of them in hopes of stopping something horrible. As the ending scenes of the movie began to play the audience shifts in their seats with a sense of unease and discomfort; could the protagonist really die? Can the villain really walk away from the mayhem he caused, intact? Could the lawman truly lose hope in…show more content…
evil. Bell feared that he would not measure up to the challenge, and the audience, both influenced by Bell and witnessing Chigurh’s terrible deeds, sympathize with him. As much as one would love to say ‘I would fight against this’ or ‘I wouldn’t give up so easily’ , it is hard to admit that in all actuality the average human being would not measure up to Chigurh’s power. In the face of difficulty it is imperative to know where the point of no return is, because once the line is crossed there is no telling what repercussions will arise. Bell knew that he would be unable to face down the evil that he faced in this film and that crushed him, filling an already regretful man with hopelessness. In the end, there was no competition between the good and the bad, no bold fight between good vs. evil. There was a tired old man and a cruel monster, this is a fight that is not meant to happen and the simple fact that Anton Chigurh is allowed to slip away without a fight is infuriating and
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