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When I was three or four, my parents decided it was time to remove the wax on our tile floor. They bought special cleansers and scrubbed and scrubbed, but the wax simply wouldn’t budge. So they bought a giant dewaxing machine, but once again, the wax stayed put. One morning, I decided to conduct one of my usual experiments: mixing things together to my heart’s content, or at least until something exploded. Meanwhile, my father walked by to see what I was doing and just then, sploosh! The concoction exploded, leaving a small hole in the bottom of his pants. Not only did my concoction dissolve fabric , but all of the wax on the floor, the wax that my family had worked so hard to remove, had now “disapparated.” That was the official start of my life as a scientist. Experiments were a near weekly activity…show more content…
From daily pH checks to make sure that the tube had remained in place, I had quickly grown accustomed to the putrid smell of gastric acid. Curiously, I had become a walking, talking lab experiment of it’s own. Soon, my scientific investigations would reach a new realm of sophistication. One day in a chemistry lab, the class mixed hydrochloric acid (HCl) with calcium carbonate. I noticed that the HCl smelled a little too familiar to me, just like stomach acid. That afternoon, after confirming with my chemistry teacher that HCl was indeed a component of stomach acid, I rushed home to perform the experiment again, this time in a much more real life scenario. I extracted a small amount of the contents from my stomach and added two crushed TUMS (which are made of CaCO3). Gleefully I watched the reaction, and sure enough, just as the 2HCl(aq)+CaCO3(s)CaCl2(aq)+H20(l)+CO2(g)equation states, it fizzed! Thus began my next scientific study: I continued experimenting to see what my old medications would do when mixed with my stomach

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