Why I Want To Be A Paralegal Essay

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Before I choose to become a Paralegal, the legal system had fascinated me for many years, not from what I've seen on television shows or movies but from real life situations 1 saw in the news, read in articles,and experienced personally. During my first year of the Paralegal Technology Program I was asked by several people what field of law I wanted to work in, but 1 didn't have an opinion. Now in my second year, I feel that I can make a more informed decision. Knowing that this career change would be my last, I did a lot of research and soul searching during my first year. With all things considered,I have come to the conclusion that I would like to work in the Defense Civil Litigation field and feel that becoming a civil litigation paralegal will be the perfect progression for me. Paralegals are an important part of our legal system. They are the "backbone" of the legal world. A paralegal serves in a supporting role to attorneys providing research, talking to clients,preparing documents,managing records, and recording certain formal statements that may be useful to a case.…show more content…
These are just a few of the details in the legal field that drove me to be a paralegal. In all settings, paralegals prepare and maintain files. This requires accuracy, attention to detail, excellent organizational skills and knowledge of computer databases and paper filing systems. I started attending paralegal courses and experiencing the courses first hand and learning the material has inspired me all the more to succeed in obtaining my goal of becoming a

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