Explain Why I Want To Be A Carpentry

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Success is when you're happy to go to bed every night and happy to wake up every morning, when you and your family are taken care of, and God has given you the power to help yourself and others alike. Success is what I aim towards in my future. I want to get an education after high school to become a more intellectual and useful member to society. I want to study carpentry as a profession. I would love to learn carpentry because I would like to possess the knowledge to construct houses from scratch and being able to design it to my own desire. Not only will I know how to construct and build homes I will know how to renovate, repair, and improve them to their full potential. I want to learn carpentry because it will come in very handy for the career of my dreams. The career of my dreams is to be an expert house flipper. I would love to be a prolific house flipper for many reasons. One reason would be to be my own boss because I refuse to make someone rich except Myself, my Family, and my trusted Employees. Furthermore I would relish over the opportunities of being in the real estate industry due to the fact that I can…show more content…
He would always say, “ One day I will design my own house in the Dominican Republic” and I would also like to do the same. I would like the shows that I watched so much that I was inspired by them. My biggest inspiration I would have to say are twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott from the show property brothers. I enjoy watching their show very much. When you watch you can be inspired by both of them because they're both experts in what they do. One of them is an expert real estate agent and the other a professional carpenter. I usually stop and look when I see carpenters working on a house. I look to see what they are doing. I like seeing the daily progression of how they build a house or repair

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