Multiple Husbands In Chaucer's Tale

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In the prologue of the Wife Of Bath, Chaucer puts a large emphasis on the fact that the Wife Of Bath has had many different husbands. During Chaucer’s time this was atypical of people part of that society. Chaucer constantly brings up the Wife Of Bath’s many husbands, and partners. Chaucer points out on lines 28-34 that God’s plan for humanity was to multiply and reproduce. Chaucer points out that people thought it was a problem that the Wife Of Bath had multiple husbands, but people do not have a problem with the king (a man) who had multiple wives. He says “God bad us for to wexe and multiplye; That gentil text kan I wel understonde. Eek wel I woot, he seyde myn housbonde Sholde lete fader and mooder and take to me. But of no nombre mencion
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