One Day Narrative Essay

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I rushed down the stairs to the smell of pancakes cooking. I followed the good scent to the kitchen where I found my mother pouring more of the pancake mixture onto a pan. She looked tired. “Hi,” I said, “Is there any chores to do today,” “Not much,” She said, “Just gathering eggs, and tidying up the house, your father and I will take care of the rest today.” “Okay,” I said, “ I will be out at the chicken coop to get the eggs.” I ran back up to my room to find my shoes. I found them under my bed and found some socks in the dirty laundry pile. I didn’t have very many pairs of socks so that is what I resorted to most days. I finished tying my shoes and rushed back downstairs to go outside, grabbing a basket on the way. As I raced towards the chickens I noticed my Dad’s red truck pull in on our long gravel driveway. I turned that way and ran to him instead of the chickens. He rolled down his window as I got closer. He smiled. “Good morning, Em,” He greeted me in his country accent. “Good morning daddy,” I replied, laughing. “What are you up to now?” He asked.…show more content…
I was smiling, I loved it when I got to see my dad before he could get all the way home, like I was a traffic guard stopping him from going any further until he talked to me. I arrived at the chicken coop and started to gather the eggs, putting them in the basket. When I gathered all of them I walked back towards our house. I walked into the kitchen to give the eggs to my mother. She cracked three of them on the pan for breakfast. Then she asked me to go to my room for a bit until breakfast was ready. I started to walk up the stairs but stopped when I heard my dad start to talk to mother about what had happened that night at his job. My dad had the night shift at his workplace, I never really knew where he worked, and didn’t understand what he did, I just knew he hated it. He just did it to help support our family. “Today wasn’t good,” He

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