The Wife Of Bath's Tale Power Essay

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Power in The Wife of Bath’s Tale How would it feel to be treated as an object? A means to have children? a trophy? These are all problems that women in medieval times experienced The Wife of Bath’s Tale brings an element of derision to the patriarchy of the time, where instead of men controlling women, women control the men. Geoffrey Chaucer’s point in overstating The Wife of Bath and her equally overstated story is to show the opposite extreme of what women underwent during medieval times. Through The Wife of Bath's Tale, Chaucer uses satire to ridicule the lack of power women had in their lives via a character thats’ story is oppositely exaggerated, which shows the contrast between where power lies in medieval times, and where power lies…show more content…
By over emphasizing the The Wife of Bath and the women in her tale, he creates a society where women fulfill the roles of men. “But that the queen, and other ladies too,Implored the king to exercise his grace/ So ceaselessly, he gave the queen the case/And granted her his life, and she could choose/Whether to show him mercy or refuse.” (Chaucer 70-75) Lady Guinevere becomes his salvation at his trial, for she and other women petitioned the king to a lot him a chance to redeem himself by answering her riddle. Later in the tale, the knight encounters an old hag who knows the answer to the riddle that will save his life, but for a a price. The knight decides to take the risk and answers correctly, which is that women want power over their husbands. In return the old hag wants him to marry her because he promised to do anything she asked,“Before this court I ask you then, sir knight,/To keep your word and take me for your wife;” , subjecting him to her power. (Chaucer 230-231) Chaucer’s satirical attitude towards The Wife of Bath herself, with her many husbands that she has taken advantage of for her own pleasure, represents what men in that time did, and today some still do, to women in their lives and

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