Anatomical Structure Of The Mouth Essay

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INTRODUCTION The only thing that comes to mind as a relationship between the oral cavity, normally referred to as the mouth and Psychology is the POWER the mouth has in affecting the lives of people around us both positively and negatively. The words that are spoken by our mouth carries so much weight that if not careful, could lead to unexpected and outrageous outcomes. In this, there’s going to be more focus on the anatomical structure of the mouth and also the physiological aspect. How such powerful instrument can be defective just by our own lifestyle.  Worldwide, 60–90% of school children and nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities. Dental cavities can be prevented by maintaining a constant low level of fluoride in the oral cavity.…show more content…
There are two on each jaw. They are responsible for stabbing and tearing. The Premolars, which also follow the Canines, are more thick and broad in structure. They are eight in total: four on each jaw. Its function is grinding and chewing. The last of the four, the Molars, are the set of teeth found at the posterior end of the Oral Cavity. There are twelve molars. Physiological aspect: Having explained the functions and giving the locations of the four types of teeth in the mouth, each of these four types of teeth have three parts; The crown, neck and root. The crown is the white visible part we see and is made up of the enamel. The teeth are located in alveoli along the alveolar ridges of the mandible and maxilla. The sockets are periodontal ligament, which consists of dense fibrous connective tissue and is attached to the socket walls and the cement surface of the roots  The tongue A thick organ in the buccal cavity that fills the remaining space in the mouth. It has its upper surface covered with papillae and tiny pores that are the taste buds. Sections of the tongue are responsible for sensing sweet, salty, sour, and bitter tastes. It also contributes to speech. The tongue has many nerves to sense taste and signaling to the

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