How Is Hamlet A Complex Character

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Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, is a character that consists of profound inconsistencies. Shakespeare created him as gentle at some points yet hostile at others. He is also portrayed as carefree, but in many instances, extremely cautious. Hamlet’s inconsistent state of being could very well be caused by his family life, especially his relationship with his mother, Gertrude. Hamlet is crude in the sense that after putting Ophelia under the impression that he is in love with her he decides to disregard that he ever had feelings for her. He uses the naive and innocent young girl as an outlet for his loathing towards his mother, and has an inability to comprehend and admit that his own cruel words and actions have caused her insanity. Even when Ophelia confronts him about his previous sweet words to her, he refuses to…show more content…
When he says, "frailty, thy name is woman," he is referring to his mother (I.2.146). Hamlet feels that Gertrude is weak and naive. He finds it strange that she no longer appears to be mourning his father, especially seeing as though she married her husband's brother just two months after his death. Hamlet continues to say not even an animal or beast, who has no reasoning skills, would have relinquished their mourning so abruptly. This just goes to show how rash Hamlet acts in certain situations, including dismissing his mother’s feelings without thinking about it more rationally or from her perspective. If he would have thought about it from her viewpoint he might’ve realized that she was so upset about her husband’s sudden death that her first reaction was to marry his brother because it reminded her of Hamlet’s father. Also, Gertrude could have been immensely heartbroken after the tragedy and Claudius could have caught her at her most vulnerable moment. Therefore, Hamlet really should have taken out his anger and aggression on his uncle, King

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