Funeral And Virtue In The Elizabethan Era

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Anthony Gao English 9 Mrs.London 10 March 2015 People look down on the church. Seeing people dress in black and in tears. The atmosphere is dark and gloomy. Carrying a dark black coffin down the street preparing to be bury. The rain is pouring down like tears. The arrival of sacred place for burial marks the end of the service.To understand funerals and death from centuries ago, we have to look at traditions , preparing burial and serive feast. Funeral today is not much a difference from the Elizabethan Era. Most people wear black to a funeral. At a funeral “both the grave and the coffin itself are draped in black”( Life in Elizabethan England). Black is important at funeral because it represents death and mourning. It is always been a tradition. Even today at Funerals people still wears black attire. Another common tradition is having flowers at a funeral. At…show more content…
They have a small feast after the ceremony. Instead of a feast of everyone eating and praying they just eat “cakes baked in funeral shapes and ale,claret , and brandy”( Life in Elizabethan England). Only the rich invite all the neighbors to a feast. Even today we have a feast after a funeral , but not to the extent of inviting all of the neighbors. Another reason why service and feast are different in the Elizabethan Era is the services. In the elizabethan era funeral can “be quite elaborate affairs”(The Love of History). We don't see much elaborate funerals that affects the streets often.Today funerals are simple and sometimes complicated but isn’t elaborated to go the the streets.Another reason why Funeral service and feast are differnt in Elizabethan Era is that the money that is given to the decease. Money are shared or “distributed to the poor and a feast held afterward” ( The Classroom). The money is shared which is very surprising. Today the money goes to the children of the decrease or he/she decided to donate to

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