Crude Oil Negative Effects

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Crude oil is something that we exert from the ground, and it plays a crucial part in our everyday lives. Imagine waking up and not being able to use your car to go to work, or not being able to use your electronics because they contain plastic. Even though we can’t imagine life without it, crude oil is undoubtedly a very big pollutant because of the bad effects that it has on our environment. It contributes to global warming, and to overall negative factors. Various oil spills and oil drilling through the years have all had negative consequences on animals, human health and the environment, but together with science and technology we can minimize the use of crude oil and exhaust gases. Almost everything around us is made out of crude oil,…show more content…
This gas has the potential to kill people and animals if concentrations are high enough. While emitting harsh chemicals, the crude oil or the exhaust gases contribute to greenhouse gases, and overall global warming because the harsh chemicals get trapped and therefore, this contributes to the rise in temperature that causes global warming. Apart from drilling, companies use a technique called fracking, which basically requires injecting a liquid mix of chemicals, sand, and water into the rock at super high pressures — high enough to crack open the rock, releasing trapped gases. The gas is then pumped out of the rock along with the contaminated water. This causes a weak surface which can lead to earthquakes and shaken grounds due to fracking. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it could also lead to natural disasters that could would affect humanity in the worst way…show more content…
New revelations and discoveries are made every day which will possibly save us in the future. A new way of making fuel from algae has taken the world by storm- we simply call it algae fuel. In fact, all of the oil and natural gas we use for energy are remnants of algal debris that has been buried and heated below Earth’s surface, where it has been “cooked and squeezed” as we sometimes say, into fossil fuels. Scientists then thought of an idea to actually use algae to make fuel that would power cars, buses and planes. Many companies are spending a lot of time and money in finding out ways to make this source of fuel more practical and more available. Another substance that may help us in solving this controversial topic is no more or less than something that we eat- corn. Corn ethanol is common in the United States because they possess a lot of corn, and they chose to process it into fuel. In fact, corn is the main feedstock used for producing ethanol fuel in the United States. The main substitutes for oil and gas energy include nuclear power, solar power, ethanol and wind power. Fossil fuels dwarf these substitutes in global and domestic energy markets, but there is considerable public momentum to increase their utilization. However, even though these substitutions are better than crude oil when it comes to the environment and global issues, they still have limitations that make them not as common or as popular as crude oil.

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