Mormonism: The Mormon Church

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The Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints is prevalent among Americans. The Mormon population is present in all states and has a great impact on the communities that they reside within. The purpose of life for Mormon church is to be on earth and as they live out their life they become more like God. As they become more like God they go on missions to try and get others to realize their “true” potential for being on the earth. Mormonism is a religion with good morals, but a skewed view of what faith and love for Christ truly is. Mormonism is communicated through many different aspects of work, whether it be the missions that they receive or the specific details in artwork. Most people in society know Mormon’s as the people that knock on the door to tell them…show more content…
This angel told Smith that he was a prophet of God and as a prophet of God needed to find ancient writings, which the angel then guided Smith to. These ancient writings are now known as the “Book of Mormon,” which Smith published in the year of, 1830. The finding of the Book of Mormon is what shaped the religion into what is is now and the beliefs that the Latter Day Saint community has. “the Book of Mormon was a "new witness" for Christ, and that Alma refutes agnosticism and offers rationalistic arguments for the existence of God, when we remember how the Mormons opposed man-made creeds and Bible mistranslations and stressed the need for a restoration, it seems quite possible that Mormonism was also a half-way house, a stopping place for those who were so alienated from the "sects"of the day that they were close to disbelief.” (Hill, 1979) The Book of Mormon shaped the way that we see Mormon’s today. This book of guidelines are the morals that the Latter Day Saint community live by, therefore making this one of the main factors in the shaping of
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