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The Mormon religion dates back to the year of 1820. The Mormon religion nowadays is typically referred to as the Latter Day Saints. The main practice of Mormonism is predominantly in Utah. Mormonism was created during the Second Great awakening which was a period of religious excitement. It was created in western New York by Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith was born in 1805. In 1820 Smith said he had received a vision while praying in the woods in a forest near his house. He said that in a vision while praying, God had told him that all his sins were forgiven and that all contemporary churches have gone away from the gospel. By the age of twenty four years old, Smith wrote and published the Book Of Mormon. Later on in 1823 he was praying at night…show more content…
They believe that they are God’s spirit children. They believe that in order to get to heaven, they have to follow exactly how Jesus Christ had lived his life here on Earth. Mormon’s accept any sacraments of Jesus Christ. Mormon’s believe that the founder of their religion, Joseph Smith, rebuilt the mormon religion. Mormon’s believe that their prayers to God will be answered. Mormon’s devote their lives to Jesus Christ. The mormon church believe in the regular bible along with the Book of Mormon. The book of mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. In the Book of Mormon it contains writing of prophets, giving history of god interacting with people of America. For mormons the Book of Mormon is a scripture similar to the Old and New testament. Mormons believe that they can become like God. Latter-day saints think that through Christ’s teaching they can become partakers of the divine nature. Joseph Smith started a settlement in Missouri and taught that the garden of eden was somewhere in that region. So many mormons believe that the garden of eden is somewhere is Daviess County in Missouri. Mormons are not allowed to smoke, drink, or do any drugs. Mormons have a health code that tells about foods and drinks that are healthy and it tells about foods and things that are not healthy and they are not allowed in the mormon church. It states that the average mormon that follows these guidelines

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