Morality Of Drones Research Paper

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Are Drones Moral They say that “all is fair in love and war,” but were that true, the debate of morality of using drones would not be an issue. Using drones in warfare is the moral option being as we owe it to our troops to take any action to remove threats to their lives, and to protect innocents from terrorist threats while also giving us the benefits of advanced technology. Restricting the usage of drones in warfare puts those in our service in more danger than they need be, we owe it to them to eliminate any risks we can. By using drones, we eliminate the dangers to civilians by removing those actively plotting against them. The drone is more than a weapon. It would be unfair to forego the usage of them because we’d also be losing the added benefits of the technology that we possess. We are morally…show more content…
Bowden describes the capabilities of the drones, saying “Drones collect three primary types of data: straight visual; infrared…; and what is called SIGINT...gathered via electronic eavesdropping devices and other sensors. One device... can map large areas in 3-D. The optical sensors are so good, and the pixel array so dense, that the device can zoom in clearly on objects only inches wide from well over 15,000 feet above.”(6). This shows the amazing capabilities of the drones in our possession. We have put in work to acquire this sort of technology. As stated in the article “...the Air Force has gone to ESPN for advice.”(1). Because we put in the effort, it is only fair that we should be able to reap the benefits. Because we have put in time, money and effort to obtain these advances, it is not our moral obligation to lay down and wait for other societies to catch up. It's not fair to us to wait, which makes the usage of drones

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