Similarities Between Mormonism And Christianity

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Introduction This paper is a thorough study of the religion of Mormonism and how it corresponds with Christianity. By reflecting on the history, beliefs and doctrine of Mormonism, one can indicate that there are both similarities and differences in Mormonism and Christianity. This paper is an accurate depiction of Mormonism in today’s society and how it is perceived from a Christian worldview and perspective. History of Mormonism The true history of Mormonism dates back near to the time of Jesus’s death and resurrection on the cross. A prophet by the name of Mormon sent his son instructions to be recorded for the future. His son was identified as an angel of God, who was unable to translate the texts. Joseph Smith, a nineteenth century…show more content…
At one point people were becoming suspicious of his methods for finding gold so easily. They believed that maybe God was instructing him on where to find gold within the mountains and land. However, as Joseph grew older he actually became worried that he completely lost contact with God. One night, he had a second spiritual encounter when an angel came to visit him as a pillar of light in his room. He was given instructions by the angel to find and translate the Book of Mormon, an ancient biblical text that is to be the continuation of Christian doctrine that has been undiscovered until now. Joseph was successful in obtaining and translating the text. This is the history of how the Book of Mormon came to be and the story Joseph told to convert unbelievers. He then started a movement with his newfound knowledge and built the first Mormon temple in the city of Kirtland, Ohio. The revival was so strong that many believers began to spread the movement to Missouri and build more temples there. Joseph Smith had a reputation for being a charismatic and had a compelling personality. He inspired people to communicate with God and to seek him tangible ways. This was Joseph’s main teaching and goal for all believers, that they could see God and communicate with him in a personal and physical way. As the Mormon movement was on the rise, many non-Mormons were uncomfortable with the influence on society and politics. By the end of Smith’s reign he was imprisoned and killed along with his brother. There were few candidates to take over the leadership of the Latter Day Saints. One of the most recognized leaders and visionaries after Smith was Brigham Young, who was appointed by the church to be the next leader. From there, Mormonism continued to spread despite the death of Joseph Smith. The majority of Mormons now reside in Utah, where many temples have been built in honor of the Latter Day

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