Timothy K. Beal's Essay 'Our Monsters, Ourselves'

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Society defines a “monster” as a creepy,scary-looking, creature with a desire to kill. Monsters are different from society’s definition of normal.Monsters are considered different because of their unique qualities.Society pushes abnormality away like monsters. “Monsters” mark humans undisclosed territories” States Timothy K. Beal in his article “Our Monsters, Ourselves”. These monsters keep humans away from the unrevealed places. On some maps there are places that are not discovered yet. So, the maps might say “here lies dragons” or “trolls.” Beal also states that “The places where our well established sense of order, of things touches chaos, where our toes curl over the abyss”. It relates to monsters by it giving humans a place to push or project their stress or chaos into something or someone. For instance, some human beings are afraid of the dark because they cannot see what is in or around the dark room. Humans are afraid of the unknown. Furthermore, the Latin verb monstrare [monster] means “to show” or “reveal” stated in “Our Monsters, Ourselves”. Monstrosity shows or demonstrates humans' fears and what they are afraid of. Some humans…show more content…
Humans get so scared of monsters that it creeps them out. There is an insecure time, but after it is all over monsters give humans a sense of closure. It gives them a sense of closure by letting humans project their feelings onto

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