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I chose the response question how does Malala's struggle inspire you as a student who is preparing to embark on your high school journey? This quote to me means in America we don't have to worry a lot about school besides grades. Think about what Pakistanis deal with on a daily basis. How that compares to us in our society today. Not as much as someone in Malala’s situation where Pakistanis are threatened daily and the grim reaper knocking on their door not to mention the kidnappings. They constantly have to be looking over their shoulders always feeling like someone's watching them. What does it truly mean to be free? In the words of Nelson Mandela, ¨For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects…show more content…
There is nothing in the Quran (The islamic version of the bible about girls and women not getting an education and yet a single radio station changed the beliefs of an entire valley. The Taliban were able to twist the words of the Quran to completely reverse the previous thoughts and what the meaning was to them. Locals from the Swat valley's personal interpretations having people destroy schools and making a mockery of women just because they were women whether they were in school or not. In countries like pakistan and other middle east countries it depends on your grades as well. But if you don’t do well in pakistan for instance you can be pulled from school and never go back because you aren’t doing well and it doesn't benefit your family. In middle eastern countries it is extremely segregated between males and females and in ways that completely eliminate any female interactions to the point where they are treated inhumanely. In countries like America and europe in this day and age everything depends on your test scores how you do on tests and what you're doing in

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