Money And Wealth In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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A theme that is seen all throughout the novel is money and wealth, and how it makes the world go round. However the main message behind the theme seems to be that money can nice and convenient, but in the end it cannot buy happiness. The message created was very fitting. He did a great job in showing how even being unbelievably rich can't make you happy through the main characters: Like Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, and Tom Buchanan. Jay Gatsby grows a poor, but ends up jumping classes when becoming amazingly wealthy. All that he wanted or ever wanted for that matter was to be with Daisy. They were in love before he had to leave to go overseas, but when he came back she was already married thinking he was dead. When he came back he spent his whole life trying to get and to be everything that Daisy had ever wanted, thinking in return she would want Gatsby. As it turns out Daisy would never choose Gatsby even after seeing him again after five years. No matter how much she loved Gatsby and desired to be with him she wouldn't do anything about it because she was too controlled by her husband. Even the greatest amount of riches and fortunes can't get him what he wants. Without having Daisy in his life he will never be truly happy.…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald uses in his theme is Tom Buchanan. He is married to the beautiful Daisy and they have a young daughter together. Somehow his life is not pleasing enough, so he has a mistress whom he is very open about. Throughout the entire book Tom appears to be enjoying his life, but it couldn't be clearer how unhappy he actually
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