How Did F Scott Fitzgerald Write The Great Gatsby

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Only a select number of writers have been able to cement themselves as great authors in American literature through the importance and lasting impact of their works. One author who was able to achieve such prestige was F. Scott Fitzgerald. Through works such as The Great Gatsby, Tender is the Night, and “Bernice Bobs Her Hair,” Fitzgerald established himself as one of the greatest authors of the American Jazz Age. In his most famous work, The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald provides a powerful image of the Jazz Age through his depiction of its rampant immorality. He also conveys his belief in the futility of pursuing the American dream. By looking at Fitzgerald’s life and the time period in which he wrote, readers can come to a better understanding of why he wrote the novel. The critical response to The Great Gatsby and its lasting impact communicate the importance of the novel in American literary history.…show more content…
F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fitzgerald was intelligent in his youth and expressed an early interest in writing. Following two years of preparatory school, Fitzgerald went to Princeton University in 1913. Fitzgerald gained significant literary experience throughout his college years by writing for musical productions and the school newspaper, but he was unfortunately forced to drop out in 1917 due to falling grades. After dropping out of college, Fitzgerald enlisted in the U.S. Army. This was the beginning of the next stage of Fitzgerald’s life, which would provide much of the inspiration for the backstory of The Great
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