Blackfish Argumentative Analysis

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Over the past few years the famous marine theme park, SeaWorld has started on a downward spiral. The San Diego, California theme park opened in 1964, founded by George Millay, Milt Shedd, Ken Norris and David DeMott. Today, you can find three SeaWorld parks in the U.S., including the original San Diego, California location, and two other parks in Orlando, Florida, and San Antonio, Texas. When the park first opened it brought tourists from all over the world, attracting them by their aquatic mammals. Since the day the gates of SeaWorld have opened animal activists have been trying to tear down all three parks. In 2013, a documentary called Blackfish was released with intent to reveal the truth about the animal cruelty taken place at the park.…show more content…
In the background you can visually see killer whales swimming around tanks and also being cared for by other veterinarians. Behind Lara and Pedro’s voiceover, you can hear the sweet whistle of multiple killer whales. Lara begins the ad, her name and job title printed on the screen as well as Pedro’s. Automatically the ad starts off with ethos, creating credibility between the workers and audience. Because Lara and Pedro work for SeaWorld they could be considered a reliable source of information. Lara continues with a quote from the Association of Aquariums and Zoos, claiming SeaWorld has the “highest (which is bolded on screen in capital yellow letters) standard of animal care in the world.” Although the Association of Aquarium and Zoo maybe a creditable source, their statement is simply just an…show more content…
The sound of the water splashing and the killer whales whistling all play apart in emotion; pathos. The scenery of the park draws in the audience, making them wish they could pay a visit to a SeaWorld Park. Behind Lara are two other veterinarians cresting killer whales leading you to believe they really do care about the animals. Not only does the commercial visually use pathos but also verbally. Viewers are able to sense overwhelming joy from the tone of Lara’s voice. This could indicate she is really passionate about changing viewer’s thoughts about SeaWorld, or maybe she just really like her job. There are few words that have major emphasis such as highest, thriving, and great responsibility. The most important line in the whole commercial is “we love them, and we know you love them too” referring to the animals. Love is an emotion that all viewer are able to relate to whether they are fans of SeaWorld or not. The use of pathos is well executed throughout the entire

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