The Importance Of Date A Girl Essay

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How to Date a Girl Effectively With the proliferation of online dating sites, finding a date is fairly easy these days, especially for the lucky few who have the looks that are sure to boost the chances of an initial contact. Getting a date and dating, however, are two different things, and the latter is often a lot more challenging. This is especially true if you are dating a Hindu. How do you get it right the first time? Know and Respect The Culture If you are a Hindu yourself, being respectable should not be a problem. Unless, of course, if you are a jerk by nature. Dating, regardless of culture, demands respect in every level, but you need to do more when it comes to Hindu and other conservative cultures. In Hindu tradition, dating is unheard, especially since the bride and groom will only see each other…show more content…
The fundamental rule of the game is the same after all — no jerking around. As long as you know what will make your date happy, you have a fairly good chance of going on two more dates or more. But here is what you need to do to have a romantic date. Choose an Activity That You Would Both Love Dinner and a movie? A long walk by the beach? A museum date? Your options are endless, but both of you has to enjoy a date for it to even count as a good one. To make it more romantic, be genuine, polite, respectful and downright adorable. It is also the little things that matter — flowers, opening the car door for her, etc. Know the “Rules of Engagement” Some things are done differently in Asia even if western influences are quite evident. Although women are now more outgoing and passionate, some are still very conservative and courteous. Find out what kind of man or woman you are dating and never assume anything based on whatever you saw in the movies. And yes, not everyone knows Martial Arts. Do Something

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