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After the dinosaurs, the Homo sapiens, the carved tools, the fire, came the language. The art of speech was born and continued spreading and multiplying like a virulent disease that infects everything in its path. Words appeared, were used, changed and changed again and among the thousands or more of existing words in the world, I chose to work on one : “Karma “. Fundamental principle based on the conception of human life as part of a chain of lives ( samsara ) , karma means that each individual life is determined by the actions of the person in the previous life. In other words, Karma means that human beings only reap what they sow. The term Karma is often linked in today’s society to the negative vibes or catastrophes in one’s life, being…show more content…
It is this way related to all the bad stories and anecdotes in our lives . Karma is the reason why you slip on a banana , break your phone , or find out that your boyfriend is not being faithful, or even get a bad grade . People this way accept their situation by blaming Karma for what happens to them and are sometimes left feeling helpless. Over the years I’ve had my fair share of Karma related incidents. For example, on a hot summer day, I was laying on the grass, sunbathing by the pool when my sister passed by me to check if the water was warm. As she was leaning forward to touch the water I pushed her in even though she hadn’t done me wrong. She fell into the pool and started insulting me because she had just come back from the hairdresser’s. All the while, one of my many cats Vogue came to lie on my stomach in fear of getting wet. All of a sudden my sister came out of the pool therefore scaring the cat that had urinated in fear of the sudden brusque movement. Instant Karma was the punishment I had been afflicted. My sister was cackling obviously overjoyed by the events that had just taken place , “I don’t need to take my revenge , Karma did the dirty work for me” she had said in between laughs

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