Argumentative Essay: Women In The Military

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Hailey Welchans Ms. Wolfe English 2 Pd 4 20 November 2014 Women in Combat Thousands of Americans go into one of the five branches of the military each year. These men and women join for the education, stability, to make their country proud, and lots of other spectacular reasons. Recently women have been allowed to join different aspects of the military, making this one of the biggest turning points in military history. Yet, the things that women can do in the military are very restricted. Women should have the same rights and opportunities as men. There are lots of similarities and differences between men and women when in comes to being in the military and combat. Women can be threatening, forceful, quick, and militant just like men (Knight).While in combat there are no showers available;you have to pee in a cup, and other unsanitary things which women can do (Quindlen). Equally, both genders take the stress of being in combat the same ways. In addition to this, men and women have differences as well. For example, women in combat have higher stress levels for higher periods of time compared to men. Women tend to report cases of sexual assault during deployment, which they get fewer cases of where a man is a victim (Grossman). While the men are taught boxing and…show more content…
More than 14,000 jobs opened up for women that has to do with combat, in May of that year. That April, women were not allowed to serve, but they could enroll and train as infantry combat officers (Mackenzie). Then in 2013, the military made plans to let females become service members. These plans were not going to start till 2016, three years away. This concerned one of the women leaders that some women like her would retire during that long period of time (Shinkman). The department of defense is trying to get women involved its taking longer than anyone

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