The Crucible Religion Analysis

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Religion and Faith Essential Question Exploration and Explanation The puritans have a strong belief in a judgmental god that punishes all evil and rewards good deeds. Original sin is another tenet of puritanism that includes a powerful belief that working hard will get one to heaven and that humans are born with sin, stained by the sins of Adam and Eve. Puritans were expected to express guilt and remorse as a sign of God’s grace, meaning that they should never be happy with themselves and always looking to improve themselves in the eyes of god. The rigorous values of self-discipline in the puritan religion expressed a strong faith in relentless self-restraint because of the fear they have for God in order to try and save themselves and to become a part of the exclusive elect church group. The role faith and religion plays in the lives of people in general in the puritan…show more content…
Arthur Miller’s The Crucible states numerous times how one must escape the Devil. It states that the Devil “may become evident as a weapon, a weapon designed and used time and time again in every age to whip men into a surrender to a particular church or church-state” (1.5.182) meaning that the Devil forces people to submit with his evil just as the girls accuse the citizens of Salem that they are operating with the Devil. Additionally, the Devil and associated evils are used as a scare tactic within the community to actually grow closer to God in that by accusing their enemies of witchcraft, they weed out the ones unworthy of God’s love, therefore making them “good” puritans which inevitably leads to them having a high reputation in front of the church’s perspective. The everyday life of a puritan surrounds this idea in that one must escape the Devil in order to receive God’s love and be accepted into

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